Janine -30


I’ve worked out with a bunch of trainers in the past and Aly is by far the best. Something just clicked when I started working out with her. I went from years of fad diets and working out inconsistently to actually making a lifestyle change. She customized my workouts and nutrition based on what I wanted to accomplish and made a point to explain how and why it would work as long as I stuck with it. Well she clearly knows what she’s doing because I’m in better shape in my 30’s than I’ve ever been in and I definitely owe it to her.

And on a personal note, you can tell that she actually cares about her clients and that this is more than just a business to her. Training with Aly is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I highly recommend her without any hesitation.

Ana -36


I started working with Aly for weight loss and began achieving great results. Three months into my training I learned that my husband and I were blessed to become pregnant! I was really worried that all my hard work was going to go to waste and I feared blowing up through my pregnancy. Aly immedietly changed our course of action and modifed  my program to cater to my pregnancy. I am so suprised that I am full of energy, tone and still fit while pregnant! The only thing growing is my belly and I feel stronger and sexier than ever! Thank you Aly for keeping me fit, active and healthy during my pregnancy!

Nicole -21


As an new NPC athlete, I was seeking maximum results in order to achieve success while competing. When switching over to Aly's nutrition program, my body changed quickly and I never felt hungry. I also loved the one on one attention in her studio which pushed me to my limits and got my muscles to grow! I will surely keep Aly as my coach for every season!

Geenie -67


Finding Aly was the greatest blessing, I am an old dog stuck in my old ways and Aly quickly changed my thought process on eating, healthy activites and got me moving again! I feel like I have a new lease on life and truly enjoy our water aerobics and even the long walks she takes with me (although its not typically a service she offers, she does it per my request. She is so lovely to talk too I dont mind using my session for an hour long walk around the lake mixed with feeding the ducks, after all its all about healthy minds too!) I highly recommend her to anyone needing a great coach and friend.

Tomas -34



"I have always been active and healthy but I had hit a plateau with my body and couldn't figure out how to get the results I desired. Virtue Fit helped me mix things up, change my eating habits; which helped me to achieve total body greatness"

April -38



"When I first met Aly I was four weeks out from a bikini competition and was clueless about posing. I have a fitness background, so you can imagine it is very different. She was extremely thorough and even got into her suit (out of season none-the-less) and did it WITH ME, which made all the difference in the world from other coaches. We spent 2hrs going over each pose and all the different scenarios that could happen while on stage. I felt that I was so prepared that my confidence on stage could really shine through because I knew I looked amazing (thanks to Aly's diet prep) and could strut my stuff on stage. I ended up placing top 10 at The Arnold!!! I had never done bikini and only had 4 weeks to prep and I would have NEVER even placed if it wasn't for Aly's help. She is funny, she is serious about you as a winner and very involved throughout the whole process. I am using her again for this upcoming Arnold show and I can't wait to get back in my suit and under her wing!!  oh and I forgot to mention...I'm 38 years old and beat out all the 20-somethings thanks to Aly!"

Ashley E- 28


"Aly is the real deal! She encourages me in all of my workouts and is very straightforward and honest when addressing things I need to improve on. She genuinely cares about the progress I make. I love that Aly has a private studio where I can focus on the exercise and not worry about who else is watching. She's helping me change my outer appearance to match my inner beauty!"

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