How to calculate your optimal fat burning target heart rate.

February 16, 2016

Have you been kicking your heels hard on the cardio equipment to shed your unwanted pounds, yet feel as though your not droping those extra inches? My clients will tell you that I am netorious for telling them to "work smart, not hard." One way to do this while training for fat loss, is to maintain a steady rythem in your optimal target heart rate for fat burning. Here is a quick and simple formula to figure out how hard you should, or shouldnt be working on your cardio.


First, you will need to determin your max heart rate range, I will use my own stats to show you how the formula works. I am 33 years old, so your formula should look like this:


220-age= Max Heart Rate (220-33=187)


Since my max heart range is 187, I want to be in 60 to 75 percent of my MHR, so for me this would be, 112-140bpm


To calculate percentage, simply take your MHR (187) and multiply it by .06 for the low end of your fatburning zone, and .75 for your max (moving the decimil over).


By staying in this zone, you can mix up your work out and know what you are burning as much fat and calories as the machines tell you. A simple heart rate monitor will help you keep track. If you are on a budget, its just as easy to take your own pulse. Stop your activity when your in the heat of it, quickly get your pulse and count how many beats in 15 seconds. Then simply multiply that number times four. PRESTO! You are now a pro at tracking and keeping your cariodo fatburning zone!




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