Posing for Bikini Body Building

October 5, 2015


Ahhh the incredible topic of bikni posing. Let me tell you, this is no easy task to master. I myself have  murdered my own stage presence over and over trying to become better and better. When the reality is, simple is the better option.


Simple you say? Yes. Over posing can quickly make you look like a total doof and distract the judges from that slamming body you worked so hard to achieve (believe me, I am habitual at this self sabotoage).  As a bikini athlete, we have the benefit of having more freedom and mobility in our posing. Granted, we are restricted to 2x2 box on stage, but hell, it beats having to do quarter turns which are not very favorable to the sex appeal of bikni. Unless of course you compete internationally, then thats a whole new ball game. The first time I competed in the Nordic Pro 2013, I was told just before prejudging that we would be T- walking. Oh man I felt like Zoolander at that very moment, when he found out he had to turn right, but only knew how to turn left. Either way, I adapted and did the best I could, but you bet your boots I was ready next year!


So back to the simple art of posing, what does it all intail? As an amatuer, you arent granted the length of time on stage like the IFBB Pro's, but this doesnt mean you cant present your self and master your personality in those few seconds. The key is to practice to a high paced pop song (since thats what they usually play) and practice moving slowly and fluid with your transitions. You should be presenting your front, transition to the rear with the all too famous hip-cock, hold your rear pose, then transition back to the front for a final look and then thank the judges as you exit the stage. The thank you is not verbal by the way, its your own style of waving, thanking or exiting that lets the announcer and judges know you are done with your routine.


I have included a couple videos from my favorite show (maybe its because its my highest placing to date in the IFBB), so take a look and watch how slow and fluid I present myself while still displaying my strong atributes and carrying my own personal sass.


Aly presenting at the 2014 IFBB Dallas Europa


Aly Presenting at the  2014 IFBB Dallas Europa and recieves 2nd place trophy


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