Current Promotions

Summer is here, its time to get into gear! Sessions for this deal must be scheduled at the time of purchase.  All packages include custom nutrition planning and guidance. 

50 minute sessions

  • 8 Sessions ( 2x weekly)  $500 

  • 12 Sessions ( 3x weekly) $650

Regular Rates

PERSONAL TRAINING - Personal training for individuals

  • $85 per 60 minute one on one in studio session

  • $55 per 45 minute booty blast and ab power session


MONTHLY PACKAGES - Packages prepaid 90 days or more, 24 sessions or more, will receive an additional 10% off and free nutrition planing!


ONLINE/VIRTUAL COACHING - Online Fitness coaching

  • $50 per month for written meal plan or fitness program

  • $75 per month for meal and fitness plan

  • No modifications

  • bi-weekly check in, plan modification assessment 

  • 90 day commitment required!



Often times we forget that we have lost control of our healthy habits and therefore developed bad habits. These habits now have us in a state of "blah." Your tired, weak, overweight or underweight. You pinch those "I hate you" areas and decide to hire a trainer. But wait, they are so expensive! We totally understand! We want to get our monies worth in everything that we invest in, especially when it has to do with ourselves. We spend hundreds at the salon, thousands on clothes and even tons on food and alcohol on the weekends which bring you so much pleasure in the moment. But then you do the walk of shame to the mirror and pinch your jiggly little friend and whisper "I hate you." If you are reading this, then you have already taken the first step to transforming your unhealthy lifestyle into a empowering educated fitness quest. There is just one problem, you have no idea where to start and you know you need a coach. But look at these prices, it's really expensive! I hear you! So before you X me out into oblivion, I am here to help. Because of my love of fitness and true desire to help people regain control over their lives. Although I can not work for free, I do have a program that just about anyone can afford! If you are in a financial hardship and are in need of a partial sponsorship, please inquire to see how we can help you feel your very best!

- Your future coach, Aly


PERSONAL TRAINING - Personal training for individuals

  • $125 per 60 minute one on one in studio session

  • $100 per 60 minute jogging/running performance session

  • $45 per 30 minute stretching and flexibility training

  • $125 per month- Nutrition & Meal Planning (revisions only if trainer recommended)


MONTHLY PACKAGES - Contact for package deals!


ONLINE/VIRTUAL COACHING - Online Fitness coaching

  • $125 per month for written meal/training plan


  • $175 Monthly prep (min 90 day commitment) - written training protocol and meal plan

  • $65 One hour training session for bikini clients

  • $ 65 One hour Bikini Fitness posing classes


(over 20% off, a $1045 value!)

  • 8 One hour training sessions per month - 2x per week

  • 4 One hour bikini posing session per month - 1x per week 

  • Full weekly written training protocol

  • 2 - 30 minute stretching sessions per month

  • Full monthly meal planning 

  • Unlimited text support

  • Assistance in selecting a suit and color


  • Hair and make up styling $150

  • Competition Color application $75

  • Combo $225

    • If the show is in network, I will be at your show if geographically possible for free, however, if out of network, entry fees or back stage coaches badges (if you desire me back stage) will be your responsibility. If the show is out of my local area, with proper notice you may book me for your show date. Travel and deposits must be made 30 days in advance.


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