February 16, 2016

Have you been kicking your heels hard on the cardio equipment to shed your unwanted pounds, yet feel as though your not droping those extra inches? My clients will tell you that I am netorious for telling them to "work smart, not hard." One way to do this while trainin...

October 5, 2015


Ahhh the incredible topic of bikni posing. Let me tell you, this is no easy task to master. I myself have  murdered my own stage presence over and over trying to become better and better. When the reality is, simple is the better option.


Simple you say? Yes. Over posi...

September 29, 2015


It's mega Monday! What do we like to do on this first training day of the week? Legs! Here at Virtue Fit, everyone scheduled on a Monday gets a total leg beat down in honor of my favorite day to train legs. We cover all aspects of our favorite erector muscles in just...

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Aly Garcia's article featured in Oxygen!

August 16, 2015

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