Meet the coach!

"Hey ya'll, and thank you for considering Virtue Fit for your fitness needs. As a hard worker dedicated to any client I work with, I first establish your needs, then I will propose a detailed plan on how to produce the best result, and finally we will execute the plan together with encouragement and fun! As a long time fitness enthusiast and health advocate, my goal is to educate you on how to convert your current habits into life long practices, so you can enjoy every breathing moment feeling vibrant, strong and healthy! After all, health is your greatest wealth!"


Aly Garcia
Top Placing 6 year veteran
Founder, Virtue Fit
Training background

     Aly has been trained by some of the fitness and bodybuilding industries most respected and famous bodybuilders and fitness professionals. During her six month NPC career and her now into her sixth year as and IFBB Bikini Professional, Aly was trained by legends; PJ Braun, George Farah, Denis James and Mark Alvisi. Their expert advice has built Aly's knowledge beyond her bachelors of Science Biology degree, and her master certification of personal training through American Muscle And Fitness. Now guiding her own fitness journey as an avid long distance runner,  vegan and NonGMO activist, Aly hopes to inspire other people to make healthy lifestyle changes that she hopes will trickle onto her clients friends, family and our future generation. As an individual that once found herself in your shoes, Aly understands the struggles and fears of starting a fitness journey. Through her private studio one on one training sessions, Aly offers a judgment free zone to be yourself, focus on yourself and learn all the tools necessary to improve your health and lifestyle.  


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